ModelBuilder - Save on Completion After Running Model

06-22-2021 02:37 PM
Status: Open
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When running a model (or tool within a model) in an edit session, there is a checkbox to "Close on completion".  Can we also have an option to "Close and Save on Completion"?  

This would allow me to hit "run" at the end of the day, and know that the model progress will be saved when it's completed.  When running models that take a long time, (e.g., long iterations such as viewsheds for large projects with many points over a large geographical area), these models can take several hours or even days, particularly with newer high-resolution DEMs and DSMs.  Many times I've come in to see that my computer shut down for an auto update, and the model doesn't save its progress.  


Thanks MikeBuscher for this idea! We are currently working on adding the capability to Auto Save which would help save the model when ever it has been edited. This is an option you will opt into, but this will not close the model. If the model is running and your system updates /closes, the model will be closed with the last know saved state instead of in the state on iteration 7th when the system shuts down. Will that work or you want to know that it had run upto iteration 7 before closing? My understanding is you want to know that it finished iteration 7 so that when you reopen you can start from that point onwards by changing a few inputs for your model. Correct?


Thanks, I would think the best is to save on the last known successfully run tool, and also the last successful iteration. 

I'm not sure if an iteration can be saved in the middle of its progress during a forced shutdown, and then the iteration is restarted from that last successful iteration when you run it again, but the more that can be saved the better!


There is a good chance the model would be corrupted by the hard crash.

Do you include log file output with your models?


Currently there is no log file with the model crash. 
The model usually does not corrupt if a tool inside the model crashed. We have usually seen the corruptions with users moving between versions that causes disparity between tool changes that could possibly corrupt the model. If there are some cases you have seen, please do share it with us. We definitely want to fix them. 

Having a log file or model messages saved in such cases is a good idea (Thank you!) and we will work on it as we overhaul and redesign model messaging system. It is in our product plan for future release. Do share your ideas or concerns.