Tracking Layer support

06-13-2016 09:55 PM
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Hi everyone, just wondering if there is any planned work to support the same tracking layer that Collector uses?

If not, Ismael Chivite​ can you ! add it to the list please?

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Hi Gareth!

by combining Survey123 for ArcGIS with Workforce for ArcGIS you will be able to track the location of field workers efficiently. In the current release of Workforce for ArcGIS, you can actually already launch Survey123 from an assignment. We are working towards integrating these two apps even further.

We are taking the same approach with Collector for ArcGIS: While the tracking option in Collector is there and works reasonably, we see Workforce for ArcGIS as the way to move forward for anyone who wants this type of breadcrumb capability. 

By the way, we just launched a new Survey123 for ArcGIS section in Ideas where you can post enhancement requests.