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08-04-2014 12:33 PM
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Hi, I am working with the mobile SDK and cannot get my ArcMap document to update using 'syncronize'.  I had this working before, stepped away for a few months, and am back to it. My code is no longer working. I get no errors, no exceptions, I just go to ArcMap and my changes are not there.  I'm thinking maybe I am forgetting to assign some attribute to the ArcMap document, MapService, or something.  I have this:

MobileCache serverCache = new MobileCache();

                serverCache.StoragePath = path;

                MobileServiceConnection mobileServConn = new MobileServiceConnection();

                mobileServConn.Url = @"http://den-web-002/arcgis/services/Construction/USALonghorn/MapServer/MobileServer";



                MobileCacheSyncAgent agent = new MobileCacheSyncAgent(serverCache);

                agent.MapDocumentConnection = mobileServConn;

                agent.DownloadExtent(serverCache.GetExtent(), 0, 0);

to create the cache.

I then update various attributes of the cache.  After editing in one process, I check to make sure they are there by using:

            FeatureDataTable deviceTbl = serverCache.FeatureLayers["Turbines"].GetDataTable(new QueryFilter(), EditState.Modified, null);

            foreach (System.Data.DataRow dataRow2 in deviceTbl.Rows)


                string nameChnged = dataRow2["Name"].ToString();

                string completeChng = dataRow2["Completed"].ToString();


The mapcache is correctly updated.  I then use:

MobileServiceConnection mobileServConn = new MobileServiceConnection();

                mobileServConn.Url = @"http://MyMapService/MapServer/MobileServer";

                mobileServConn.WebClientProtocolType = WebClientProtocolType.BinaryWebService;

                MobileCacheSyncAgent mobileSync = new MobileCacheSyncAgent(serverCache, mobileServConn);

               FeatureLayer theLyr = serverCache.FeatureLayers["TheLayer"];

                FeatureLayerSyncAgent flSyncAgent = new FeatureLayerSyncAgent(theLyr, mobileSync.MapDocumentConnection);

                if (flSyncAgent.IsValid)


                    flSyncAgent.SynchronizationDirection = SyncDirection.Bidirectional;

                    SyncResults featLayerResults = flSyncAgent.Synchronize();

                    Exception flExc = featLayerResults.Exception;

                    if (flExc != null)


                        tw.AppendText("Error synchronizing Mobile Cache: " + flExc.Message);

                        return false;



flExc is null and there are no problems or flags.  However, when I look at my arcMap document no changes have occurred.  If I manually use the "Synchronize Mobile Cache" tool in ArcToolbox, the cache is correctly syncd back up.

Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?  Why is it not syncing? ANY pointers would be helpful.

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OK, I figured this out.  After drilling into results I found an error for "insufficient permissions". I had already set permissions on the SQL SDE database from SQL, but I guess that I needed to go to each editable featureclass in my SDE database and go to "privileges" and set select and edit permissions for ARCGISSOC and ARCGFISWebServices accounts.  After this, my sync started working!