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09-15-2015 10:16 AM
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i was just curious as to what GPS units if any people were using to enhance the gps on their mobile device (iOS or Android) while out in the field collecting data? i would be interested in know if people had to try different GPS units, if you werent happy with the first unit or if there were connectivity issues with one over the other.

    we just did some initial testing with ipads and iphones and used a Garmin GLO that we happen to have on hand in order to enhance the gps.



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I've heard of folks using Geneq sxBlue products successfully.

It might be helpful to others if you shared your testing results of the Garmin GLO.

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ESRI is partnered with Trimble to offer hardware/software solutions that leverage ESRI and Trimble technologies for high-accuracy data capture in the field natively within the ArcGIS Platform.

GeoCollector Series | An End-to-End Field Data Collection Solution

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Esri has partnered with Leica Geosystems to offer a high-accuracy GIS/GNSS field collection solution running Esri Collector for ArcGIS called the ZenoCollector. This would offer sub-meter to 1cm accuracy in a fully integrated solution.

Here is the landing page on Esri's site: ZenoCollector

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