ArcGIS online datasets - can't access attribute data?

08-25-2015 05:29 PM
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I've been using the "world mineral deposits" vector data served on ArcGIS online, but I can't access the attribute table (or query/symbolize the data for that matter). Is that how data on ArcGIS online served out? - Is there a trick I don't know? Seeking help. Thanks

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Take a look here

Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS)

You can download vector & attribute data.

Good luck

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In the World Mineral Deposits map that I have used, the main data layer is nested within a group layer (or the ArcGIS Online equivalent). Clicking the arrow to the left of the group layer, in the table of contents, will reveal the sub-layer, and then the table and other capabilities will be accessible when hovering over the sub-layer. Hope it helps!

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