11-08-2021 12:33 PM
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Greetings all! I am a JavaScript hobbyist learning more about JavaScript and TypeScript, and also trying to learn a some Angular to work on a new project.

Along the way, I have been introduced to ArcGIS. It's equally new and fascinating. Initially, I will be focusing on using the JavaScript API. For now, it's baby steps with the tutorials. <g>

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Welcome @IfThenTim we are so pleased to have you join.

I know you already found the ArcGIS API for JavaScript - Esri Community   so you may find it helpful to look at the Top Contributors in this board  Top Solution Authors Leaderboard - Esri Community  There may be a member who you are interested in seeing more of their contributions so you can visit their Profile page to see a list of those. 

You may also wish to subscribe to the  ArcGIS API for JavaScript Blog - Esri Community  for the latest updates from the Esri Product team. 

We hope you're able to connect with fellow users who can help with your learning. 

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