10-13-2021 06:17 AM
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  I am nearly a 30 GIS professional in Alabama.  I needed to ask a question on the ESRI Community and haven't been here in several years, so I am "new" to this version of the forum.

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Welcome to the "new" Esri Community we are happy to have you here. 

You might find this document situated in our Community Basics/Community Help Documents helpful as an overview of how to use the Community and suggested next steps. Getting Started with Esri Community - Esri Community

To ask your question I'd recommend this document to find the right place to post it  How to ask a question - Esri Community  

If you need any further help using Community then feel free to post a question in  Getting Started with Esri Community - Esri Community  for our Esri Community Team or you can email us at 

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I'm @LadlaMuzamil Freelance GIS/Mapping specialist. Currently involved in conservation law enforcement.

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