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Hello world!

01-21-2022 01:53 PM
Esri Regular Contributor

Hello there, my name is Jon Emch, your friendly neighborhood ArcGIS Enterprise Advocacy Lead. I have been working with Esri for the past four years now, and I am excited to help build this community with y'all. I am most active on the ArcGIS Enterprise board, but you may also find me on the ArcGIS for PowerBI and Office boards. It's a pleasure to meet you!

Keep on keeping on!
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New Contributor III

Howdy Jon, 

I noticed you said Y'all, so I think we may be coming from the same space somewhere out there 🙂

Thank you for supporting the community! I just got here myself and am very excited to get this opportunity to train in something I have relished the idea of doing for quite a long time. I now have a little more time to do this, so it's really an ideal situation. 

I have to tell you that in the two posts I have tried to submit, both times I have not found out why the label bar is not allowing me to post a label and where the heck are those  listed since it says something about listed? Pull a thread and the whole thing begins to unravel. 

Anyway, I am glad to see you! I am ready to soak things up in training. I just began a MOOC. It will give me a push in the right direction, although online learning is what I am used to. I graduated from an all online university. I was going to do my masters work in environmental management, but wondered why they didn't offer a masters GIS program. I was lucky and just awarded a license so as I said, I am ready to soak up all the training I can because I have been in pursuit of learning ArcGIS for some time. Now is that time!

Best to you!


Esri Regular Contributor

Hey there! Thank you for your reply. I typically don't use the label feed, but I can ask around and see what that's about. We are in a really exciting time for GIS technologies, and the MOOC is a wonderful instrument to learn more about out tech and GIS in general. Please let me know if you have any questions, would love to connect.

Keep on keeping on!
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