GIS for WOMEN: A woman can convert her GIS Passion into Profit

08-01-2021 09:33 AM
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YES, it's true, many women all over the world are passionate to work on GIS. 

I am sure because I am also in one of them. I am currently a global entrepreneur and owning my two companies of online training and programs, and I am still interested in learning more about GIS because it is one of my passions. I am a Master's in Botany with a specialization in Ecology and completed one of research work on GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE with ISRO by using GIS software in my first job. With time I converted myself into an entrepreneur and now I have already completed a 10+ year journey as an entrepreneur in a different field, but still, I am following my passion to work in GIS. 

I shared my story in short because as per my experience, I am sure GIS is a strong tool for women worldwide through which any woman can create her own identity and run their own passionate work from home by using the advanced GIS tools of Esri.

YES, few months before I was not much aware of it, but in the last few months as I explored more about it and found that Esri is providing many online GIS training and platforms which are very much useful for women to learn and start their own work on it. A woman can represent herself better by learning and using Esri online.  

There are lots of things to write, I will share in my next post about that "How a woman can start her entrepreneurship journey by learning GIS software". 

I am new here and this is my first post. I am not sure that I can share this kind of write-up here or not. Request to admin to guide me for it. 


h.c. Dr. Sona Pandey

Founder & Owner of Grace Ladies Singapore/ India/ USA

Founder & Owner of Professional Skill Development Hub Singapore/ India

Certified Business Coach

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This is a fantastic testimony, which should be published widely to encourage women, like me, who might not have as yet realized the GIS potentials as a tool to better their lives.

Thank you very much.

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Dear Joyce, I am glad to see your response to my post. Thanks for your appreciation. I will share more posts on this same topic. I am sure, it would be helpful for those women who are interested to create their own identity as GIS experts. 

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In many places, GIS is a diverse workplaces. I support all organizations that have a diverse workplace with highly competent workers.

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Community Team

Hi @SonaPandey, Welcome to Esri Community!

Thanks for sharing your passionate story and background!  You are welcome to continue to post on this topic in the Women's Geospatial Forum. I can reach out to you via Private Message for more details.

- Leslie

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Sure, I will join

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Great article! If I can help in any way feel free to contact me.

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