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02-10-2020 08:53 PM
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Q) Where do you work and what is your role? 

A)I am looking for a new entry level GIS or Land Surveying career opportunity in Arizona. I used to work in GIS applications and civil engineering industry.

Q) What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? 

A) Using ArcGIS Desktop, Network analyst, and Linear referencing in engineering sector particularly freight and transportation department.

Q) What are your areas of expertise and interests (GIS-related or not)?

A) My areas of expertise are spatial analyst, designing Geo database, digitizing, editing maps, querying, managing data, and using ArcGIS Desktop in different projects including; infrastructure, transportation, and city planning.

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Hello Mehdi, Welcome to GeoNet, The Esri Community! I hope you find our community a helpful resource as you grow your career. Here are a few places you might find helpful or interesting:

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Thank you.