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07-23-2016 03:31 AM
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I'm very new to ArcGIS and would very much appreciate some help with this software. I'm creating a district map based on the prevalence of disease x. I cannot seem to get this right- the prevalence ranges from 80 to 100, and would like there to be 5 classes (80 to 82, 82.1 to 86, 86.1 to 91, 91.1 to 95, and 95.1 to 100). But when I select the Field as District, and Normalization as Prevalence, the gradient fill of each district does not correspond to the prevalence. For some reason I cannot upload the screenshot of what I'm dealing with.

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use a manual classification, currently it is using the Natural Breaks classification scheme which attempts to place an equal distribution into each of the number of categories you specify

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It doesn't get more straightforward than this Using graduated colors—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

specify a manual classification

and fill in the lower and upper values for the range

color patches come second