Help with Data Driven Pages, Clipping and Labels

07-20-2015 10:45 AM
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I am currently experiencing an issue with the labeling engine in ArcGIS 10.2.2 that I need fixed to complete a project. A description of my problem:

I am creating a segment map to depict parcels for an area. I am using data driven pages to display this data while keeping it all in one file. The extent layer defines the extent of each segment; each segment being a polygon which is drawn to match the component parcels. As far as I can tell, there are no topology errors where these segments would be intersecting parcels of a different segment. Within Data Frame Properties I have set my extent to 'Clip to current data driven page extent,' excluding layers which I want to be shown on all segments but making sure that the layer which contains the labels is clipped.

The results work fantastically on all segments except Segment 10, my final page. On this page, there appears to be significant problems for the labeling engine. At 1:12,000 (the scale defined by the extent layer) several parcels which belong in other segments and should not be labeled are labeled. At 1:10,000 these labels disappear but new ones pop up. Only at 1:6,000 do the labels for clipped segments completely disappear and everything is displayed properly - except for the fact that it's at the completely wrong scale. This occurs in both layout and data view. I have reviewed the segment polygons and am positive that it does not intersect these parcels. Below is an image of my problem:


The red lines being the segment extent, the black lines being parcels which SHOULD display, and the grey lines being parcels of CLIPPED segments. For those unfamiliar with segment maps, labels for page 1 number 1-199, page 2 is 200-299, 3 is 300-399, and so on (1 therefore containing the most parcels - each segment does not necessarily need to contain 100 parcels) ... I have recently realized that my label field is a double field rather than text, but I doubt this is the root cause of the issue. Regardless, please advise on how I can fix this problem.

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Not sure I completely understand (do the grey lines actually appear, or is that just for clarity?), but you might try using a Page Definition to filter your shapes/labels matching the DDP index, rather than clipping by extent.

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