Data Driven Pgs Page and Print Setup Inconsistency

03-28-2012 11:15 AM
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Ive searched for similar issues on the forum but didnt find anything.  My colleague created a Data Driven Pages project where the Printer Setup is "Adobe PDF," and the page size is set to Arch E.  When I open this, my page size is set to "Slide 7.5 X 10."  The map appears at this size, and of course the legend and titles are skewed.

I went into my Adobe default settings, and set them to Arch E to force anything to be at that size, to no avail.  I believe i did this in the windows printer setup on the control panel.  Is there anything I can do in Arcmap short of resizing the project.  Or is this a bug or another issue I am entirely missing?


Paul Frank
City of Austin
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Ok, we just unchecked the "Use Printer Paper Settings" on the Page and Print Setup.  Problem solved, though I'd like to know why it defaulted to the "slide" setting when I open the file.

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