Create a map that allow query and search specific location and display result

06-07-2021 07:58 PM
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HI ,


I am new in ArcGis . I want to build a portal that allow to search facilities in school and display location in the map .


  1. How do I build the database for the facilities ? , and link them into the maps with ArcGis
  2. I want to build a pull down menu to allow select specific facilities like cafeteria , and display result in the map  .  Below is the link that I want to build similar site .


Can I anyone share idea how to build it ?



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Hi Felix,

1. You will need the location/spatial data of the facilities that you would like the users to visualize on the map.

2. Let consider if you have the list of the locations with coordinates (lat,long or X,Y, etc) in spatial format (shapefiles, geodatabases or CSV)

3. Use this data to be added as feature layer in the ArcGIS environment, in this case I am assuming that you have an existing ArcGIS Online subscription you may publish the data as hosted feature layer.

4. Create a web map with the feature layer created earlier and configure the symbology and additional pop up info.

5. Create web application using configurable applications such as ArcGIS Dashboard or Web App Builder and create web app.

6. Set necessary access and capabilities.

Tada, your app is ready to be shared with users.

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Hi Manish, 

I am a new user .  DO you have example to create  location/spatial data ? 



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