ArcMap 10.1 crashes when using labelling classes with Maplex

02-15-2013 09:19 AM
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I just upgraded to 10.1 SP1 a few days ago and am having label issues with an mxd that originated in 10.0.  In 10.0, I had setup the mxd to use to use 14 different labelling classes for a street centerline feature class.  I could go from page to page in DDP and not have any problems and exporting all pages was a breeze.  Now when my DDP comes to a page that encounters one of these labelling classes (or a mix), it crashes.  Label queries and all Maplex settings were unchanged when going from 10.0 to 10.1.  I have tried Repair Geometry and exported the street centerline to a shp but that didn't work. 

When I put the dataset into a new mxd I noticed that the labels showed up and didn't crash right away.  However, that was because I had change the Label Engine from Standard to Maplex.  Then I had to set the Placement Properties for Maplex - here are the settings as they were in 10.0:

-Street Placement
-Position: Center Curved
-Stack Label off
-Overrun feature on - 16 pts
-Remove duplicates on - 7 inches
-Feature weight 750

I noticed there is a new option under Label Density called Connect Features, which is checked, but it is disabled.  I'm not sure if this affects anything.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!
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I changed from Street Placement to Regular Placement and am now not experiencing any crashes.
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Hi Kyle,

Mxds can become corrupt for a number of reasons, but this is often fixed using Save As to save the document under a different name. If you have done this and are still experiencing crashes, we'd like to take a look at it. Please submit a support request to your local distributor or to ESRI Support Services, and an analyst such as myself will be happy to investigate the issue with you.

The line connection option was available at 10.0, but it was a global parameter that applied to all label classes in the map. Now you can choose a different connection method for each label class. It is grayed out when the street feature type is selected because street labeling has its own special connection rules.
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I changed from Street Placement to Regular Placement and am now not experiencing any crashes.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I was having the same problems and now I'm back in action!
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