Font Size from Column in Feet

06-14-2018 10:50 AM
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Hi All,

I am using the following Expression to drive my Font Size based on the column (in ArcMap):

"<FNT size = '" & [TEXT_SIZE] & "' > " & [TEXTSTRING] & " </FNT>"

Works great but the font is in Ponts.  I would like to have the FONT to be in FEET.  They are fixed Feet on the ground.

For example, I have a label that should be exactly 10 feet high on the ground.

What can I do to my expression to use feet?



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Text is drawn in screen units defined in points in ArcGIS.  An 8 pt font is 8 pts at any scale unless a reference scale is set (of the text is part of annotation that has a reference scale).  You can mimic real-world sizes with a reference scale and a simple formula:

outputPoints = (mapUnitsInches * 72) / scale

In your case, if you want a piece of text to be a foot high at say a scale like 1:1000.  Convert feet to inches, so 12 in this case.  A point is 1/72 of a inch, you multiple by that.  Then divide it by the scale denominator.

outputPoints = (12 * 72) / 1000

outputPoints = .864pts

Note that the size of the text block will be 1 foot on the ground.  Letters themselves are often smaller than their block height and you may need to compensate for this if you're expecting a capital letter to be 1 foot.

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Thanks, this is kind of what I figured.  I was hoping for "Use mapping units for text height" button.

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