Possible to do set up auto-calculations based on other fields?

03-04-2020 07:05 AM
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I'm looking for ideas on how best to approach my problem regarding condition scores of street lights.

Street lights are a point feature class and they have an overall condition rating (1 to 5). They also have 4 major components with overall component ratings (1 to 5). The 4 major components have individual pieces that also have individual ratings (1 to 5) that make up the overall component ratings. Having a few high score on individual pieces can skew the overall rating and lead to us missing one critical piece that may require attention.

Question 1 - Is it possible to auto populate the overall condition field by taking the average of other fields once they have been populated? 

We will assign weights to critical pieces/components, so if a lower score has been graded, the overall rating would also go down.

Question 2 - Is it possible to lower the overall condition score (automatically) if an identified critical component scores a low condition grade?

I have done a bit of googling and sub-types and attribute assistants have come up, but i'm not an expert in either. If these can be the solution, can you please guide on how we would set this up?


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Arshad Akhtar‌,

As you mentioned, Attribute Rules are would be the route to automatically populate/calculate attributes values based on other values. Attribute rules are defined in the geodatabase and can be configured in both file/enterprise geodatabases. This might be a good place to begin: Introduction to attribute rules—Geodatabases | Documentation 

So to question 1, yes by configuring attribute rules in a file/enterprise geodatabase and 2, yes if the rules were configured in that way. 

Later this year, the ArcGIS Solutions team will be working asset management/condition scoring solutions. If you are interested, we'd love to have a conversation to learn about your condition scoring and related workflows. Would you/your organization like to connect, show us your work, and learn a bit about the work we'll be doing? 



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Thanks Mike. 

We would be interested in working on/learning about the new solution. Please provide your contact details or reach out to us at the City of Burlington. 

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