Is any tool similar to Densify tool that would create a new output feature class based on the input feature instead of modifying the original feature class?

02-01-2018 02:15 PM
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I am trying to find a way to create point features based on a polyline feature class with a constant distance between them. I tried the 'Create points along line' tool but it generates an inaccurate output feature class; the distance between the points generated are not consistent. 

So, I've been trying to go about it by executing the 'Densify' tool; configuring the distance that I want, and then implementing the 'Create Points from Vertices' tool to generate the points based on the vertices. 

The thing is, is there a way to go about this without modifying the original line feature class? Any ideas anyone?

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yes... Densify By Factor developed and tested in ArcGIS PRO 2.0/2.1

If you are looking for exact functionality... then make a copy of the existing featureclass and densify it

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