04-23-2015 01:37 AM
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NOVA IMS' GIS & Science MOOC (TecGEO) will be presented in Portuguese. You can join the course at

Please click on the image below to see Professor Marco Painho ( TecGEO course's presentation:


Next, I present Professor Marco Painho TecGEO course's coordinator presentation resume in english: "Welcome to MOOC Science and Geographic Information Systems TecGEO! This is a fully free course and pioneer nationally in the subject area of  Geographic Information Systems and Science. The TecGEO course aims to provide its participants a comprehensive overview on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS), addressing different and diverse components of this scientific area, which consists of 6 modules that cover key theoretical issues and practices world of GIS".

Additionally you can watch TecGEO's first module at TecGEO | Módulo 1: A Ciência e os Sistemas de Informação Geográfica - YouTube

More information on

Join us!

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