Using Collector in Instruction

08-21-2018 05:56 AM
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Esri has two field data collection tools that educators can use easily: Survey123 and Collector. Collector offers a couple of key advantages over Survey123: ability to gather lines and areas as well as points, plus easy creation of on-board basemap for offline data gathering. Survey123 has a couple of key advantages over Collector: drag&drop form design in a browser, and ability to use the browser as the form holder, even without login. I wrote a blogpost about combining the two, which sacrifices some advantages of each in favor of some others. But the latest update of ArcGIS Online opens up huge new powers for Collector in instruction if teachers can grasp the importance of data fields, domains (essentially restrictions to what can be entered), situations in which lines or areas are appropriate, and use of a Group as a means for distributing capacity and controlling access.

See this detailed set of instructions for using ArcGIS Online to build data for use with Collector.

Educators with e.g. just Chromebooks and students with just wifi tablets can do even more powerful data gathering!

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FYI: a video recording of the 1 hour Esri Training webinar on the next generation Collector for ArcGIS (Aurora) release is now available,


Field Data Workflows with Collector for ArcGIS


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