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09-10-2019 02:46 PM
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Talking and working with teachers around the country, I commonly hear ideas and suggestions.  Today, I've explored building a proof-of-concept out of a few of those ideas.

  1. Schools are heavily using Google Docs (and Google Forms), the hands-down standard in K-12 education.  
  2. Many teachers have asked about making GeoInquiry questions digital (form-based).
  3. Still others have recommended putting the questions and map on the same webpage.

One way to achieve this is to place the questions in a Google Form and share it publicly - embedding it, along with the GeoInquiry map into a storymap. The results aren't too bad and the data collected by the form would ideally flow into a spreadsheet on the teacher's Google Drive.

Of course, Survey123 could replace the Google Form and perhaps another story map template (gen 1) would work better in this case.

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Hi Tom-

One thing you might want to consider if you go the Google Forms route is to create a page of links that then allow the teacher the option of making a copy of the form as the iHub Biology Curriculum does.  The two screen shots below show how this works, or you can go directly to the page shown in the first image by visiting:

SEET Links - Evolution - Google Docs 

This makes it extremely easy for the teacher to access and copy the form and ensures that Esri doesn't end up with the "student results"....that it does directly flow into a spreadsheet on the teacher's drive.  Hope that helps.

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An interesting idea, Ina.  Thanks for sharing it!  

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This is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for. 

I'd only created one such Google Form so far, for the "Cradles of Civilization" world history geoinquiry. Feel free to use it, everyone!

Cradles of Civilization 


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