Spring 2018 GeoInquiry Student Survey

04-18-2018 12:41 PM
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We are seeking educators who are willing to let their students take an online spatial “Habits of Mind” survey.    To be considered eligible for the survey, teachers must have:

  • delivered one or more Esri GeoInquiries using direct instruction to a class of students during 2017-2018
  • taught in middle or high school


We will need to know how many times you taught with GeoInquiries (or GIS) using a direct instruction model.  It doesn’t matter if the map was on a projector or on students’ devices.


Students can take the survey online any time before June 15.  No personally identifiable information is asked of students in this 28-item multiple choice survey.  This survey was developed at a U.S. university and has been used with other high school students learning with GIS.


If you are willing and able to allow your students to participate:

  1. Email geoinquiries@esri.com indicating your interest.
  2. Indicate in the email:
    • The number of times you taught with GeoInquiries this school year (list per class period)  
    • The number of times you used GIS in class
    • The number of students that will likely complete the survey


Upon receiving your email, we will:

  • Add your state and the first few letters of your last name (eg “KS_Ba”) to the “teacher last name” question. When your students take the survey, they will select your designator.
  • Send to you the URL to the survey.


Thank you for considering this request.  These kinds of surveys help us understand how to improve our offerings to the K12 community.



The Esri Schools Program


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By direct instruction, you mean that the teacher is using a Geoinquiry to teach a lesson.  You don't mean that students are working through a geoinquiry alone or with a partner.  Am I correct?

Thank you,   Della

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Hi Della.

Correct.  We're looking for cases where the activities are delivered to the whole class, verbally.  Thanks for the question.  -tb

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Thank you, Tom.

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