Creating a learning line on geospatial thinking using GIS

08-19-2019 07:37 AM

Creating a learning line on geospatial thinking using GIS

hello colleagues

I had in 2017 the fantastic opportunity to take part at the T3G training in San Diego, where in a week time we learned so much.
At the same time we had the opportunity one evening to present projects we were involved at.

I presented there the project GI Learner, a3 year EU-funded project about geospatial thinking in secundary schools (K7-12).

The project ended a year ago but all materials - including lesson materials' remains freely available.

So have a look at and look for yourself. 
'Course' gives you access to all course materials - including self-evaluation test for the pupils

'Publications' gives you access to all reports we created for the project, some with very interesting research but also documents for the broader public as well as politicians - and all this material not only in English but also in Spanish, French, German ...

Feel free to use what you like.


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