Which Tool to Use ?

05-11-2020 01:17 PM
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I need some gaudiness please,

I have school locations with student capacity in a layer, the other layer is population by neighborhood.

I would like to study school population coverage that does not exceed its student capacity.

Which tool to use? 

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Hey Tharaa Gazzaz‌,

If you join the two tables either by field or using a spatial join you will have all the data in one layer. You could then use a field calculator to subtract the schools capacity from the number of school aged kids to see schools that need more capacity or schools with capacity to take on more children.



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Thanks Ben for your suggestion.

As you know, each neighborhood will have different population density and a buffer might cover one or more neighborhoods.

I was thinking of using buffer zone that capture population count matching school student capacity.

For example, if a school capacity is 100 students, I would like to know this school coverage area reference to population density, in other word, what will be the school buffer diameter that will capture the 100 students. 

I did a buffer zone related to school capacity, however, its not reflecting school potential area coverage reference to population distribution.


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