WFS or not DFS

06-25-2019 01:40 AM
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I have a question about implementing a highly available ArcGIS Enterprise architecture. The documentation states that Windows DFS is NOT supported as a NAS/SAN. I understand why multiple target DFSR wouldn't be supported, due to file inconsistencies, but why, if Windows File Server is supported isn't DFS single target supported? They are, in essence built on the same technology. The only difference is that the Windows File share pointers are held locally to the server share whereas DFS shares are held in AD. Philip Heede?

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Hey Paul, thanks for your question.

I understand your reasoning as it was the same thought process I had when considering using a DFS namespace to mask the underlying server hosting the file share for the config-store and directories of ArcGIS Server. In theory, it makes sense and should not play into  the 'immediate consistency' requirement of the documentation ( However, in practice, we have found multiple failures occur, especially in the publishing process. This has been reproduced in multiple test environments with the most simple DFS targets (hosted on the same machine as ArcGIS Server) and typically results in <10% failure rate during publishing. That means that for a low number of services published, the effects may not be observed, but under a production load with a large number of services being published the effect becomes much more noticeable.

So for practicality's sake, we have determined that DFS (even single-target) is not supported due to the observed behavior when attempting to implement that technology.

Hope that helps!

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Not supported.....or supported? I too am looking at data and config store replication using DFS. What other way to sync the two IS supported?

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Hi Thomas,

DFS is not supported as a destination for the config-store or directories of an ArcGIS Server site. The page you linked is referring only to the local workspace directories in the underlying Docker environment for ArcGIS Notebook Server, storing the shared directories and config-store on a DFS namespace would still not be supported. We can't necessarily recommend a specific method outside of our documentation, but the requirements on the Choose a NAS device for ArcGIS Server create a framework of requirements for the technology used. Specifically, the 'Immediate consistency' requirement disqualifies many replication technologies since they restrict reading of the written information until confirmation is received that the written information has replicated to the other sites/machines. There is potential for an asynchronous method of replication to not violate that requirement, but that has not been specifically tested at this point.

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I am looking for supported high available file share as well. Our customer would like to have two branches of one ArcGIS Server site in different geographical places. Each branch should have its own file storage, but the file storage have to be in sync - it is only one ArcGIS Server site. They told us, that they can solve this with DFS, but this is not supported for ArcGIS Server.

Does somebody figure out any supported configuration?

Thank you.

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develop the web application that will upload the file on aws s3 or google file storage.

Web application can be custumize as per the gis web and map with online arcgis .

we run the web application of develop using the java spring framework and arcgis online .replica set on awws and static server in office.database store on one system,file and DB replica store on aws.

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