Using a non-Esri geocoding API in ArcGIS

09-12-2019 07:04 PM
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Hi everyone,

Our data warehouse people have a non-Esri geocoding application (IBMs AVI, part of Quality Stage), and, if possible, we'd like to make that available as a geocoding service in ArcGIS Pro and Portal.

We can configure the API to match the calls provided by an Esri geocoding service - is there any special magic to make ArcGIS 'recognise' the service?

Or, is there a different way to do this?

I can see us building a custom widget in Portal, but I'm not sure if that helps our desktop and Pro users (who want to use this, too)

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Where are you using the IBM AVI and what the BI team trying to do with the geo code.If i have idea of requirement then i will suggest you the solution and thing need to done.

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Hi Sandeep,  

Ideally, we'd like to be able to use the AVI service like any other locator in ArcIGS

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