Importing map data when setting up Web App.

08-19-2020 12:12 PM
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This is a beginners query: what Story Map format best to use if I want map data (points) to be shown. Preferably with attached images shown automatially.

I am looking for a way to show map data in a web app format. I tried creating a Story Map. I was able to import the map I wanted, but the map data (the points w. info on the map) was not visible.

I tried the few options there were to configure.

I could share my map publically, but I'd rather do it in through a Story Map. It's historical data organised for local users, and should be easy to view.

Paul Hartvigson

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Hi Paul Hartvigson‌,

First thing to check before adding your web map to a story map is that you have saved any changes made.

If you are using "Classic Story Maps - Harness the Power of Maps to Tell Your Story" the story map will show what ever the map was showing at the last time of save on the web map.

Another thing is to make sure that sharing permissions are applied to all components from the points layer, web map & story map. If the accout you are using to create the story map does not have access to the layer from your map for example you will not be able to see the points.