Help properly plan requirements for enterprise GIS set up

07-10-2018 03:27 PM
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We are currently looking to re do our enterprise set up, currently we are running single machine base deployment. 

I have been having some difficulty trying to spec processor and ram requirements as well as how many servers is appropriate for our particular case.

some basics:

Our organization is about 900 employees,

25 of which are GIS data contributors and editors. (most of whom use a terminal service to access ArcMap/pro)

3 of those are power users.

We operate a public GIS which sees about 2-3k views a week.

Our data is stored in a MSSQL database

We would like to start using Portal, GeoEvent server (for AVL of 30 vehicles), and Monitor.

Some of the largest data-sets we serve up our the 3 air photo layers we have of the county. The uncompressed size of one is 243GB.

We also use, Drone2Map, ArcMap, Pro, CityEngine, and Geocortex

We will be using VXrail so we were originally thinking 6 virtual machines, with independent ones for geoevent, image, ArcGIS Server, Portal, Monitor, and Geocortex)

I see that portal has a 4 core minimum but I don't see recommendations on other products, probably due to the variability in applications. I have gone through the System Design Strategies wiki and when I fill out the Capacity Planning Tool spreadsheet. It comes up with that we need almost 20 cores of processing which seems excessive.
(it's also very possible that I am filling out that tool incorrectly)

Can someone help guide me and provide me some basics on how we can appropriately size our implementation to fit our applications.

Thank you

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Hi  Joel, we are looking into and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your patience! 

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Hey Joel, with 900 employees, you could very well be hitting 20 cores for ArcGIS Server.  I also do not see how many services you would have, this also has a direct impact on cores.

I think your initial split out is good, now it comes down to cores per roll.  ArcGIS Server is calculated using the Excel Spreadsheet.  The rest you can start with 4 cores, then monitor CPU/RAM utilization and adjust up or down as needed.

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