No data values collars error - delete values from image

06-18-2020 06:57 AM
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Hello everybody, 

I have a satellite image that has collars outside of the image. When i set no data value as 0 and set this colors as no display it also removes the pixels from the image with 0 - RGB. 

The image is jpg2 format and is an satellite image (Pleiades). 

I have also used copy raster tool and the result is the same (the dark outbound area is disappear but also the pixels from the image with the 0 value).

How can i deal with this  issue ?

Thank you !

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I would recommend against using value from an image to define NoData. There are two issues. 1 - It is often difficult to determine these values and here may often be exceptions (eg shadows and compression artifacts). 2 - Using NoData in this way is computationally expensive when you start working with collections of overlapping images. The recommendation is to use a mosaic dataset and use a footprint to clip the imagery. Footprints are much more efficient as the system can geometrically determine what pixels should and should not be included in any computation. 

For a general discussion on this see Clipping Raster in the Imagery Best Practices

Also check out the High Resolution Imagery Workflow 

The aspect of clipping such imagery by footprints is also covered in  Managing Preprocessed Imagery and Build Footprint Help

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