Aligning rasters

01-21-2017 01:35 PM
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When trying to align two raster layers I import the spatial reference of one image to the other. The result is a layer that either never draws or not overlapping the other layer. It happened thousands of times and I am wondering why. Any idea? 

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The spatial references don't align in the first place.

I think you are going to have to provide a concrete example of what you are trying to do, especially if it hasn't worked in the past.

PS, I am moving this to‌ since the question has nothing to do with getting help about how to use GeoNet

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Thanks to Dan for moving this post.

Laszlo, this is not the correct method of aligning two rasters.  If they are in different spatial reference systems, importing from A into B will not do what you are intending.  

If they are both properly georeferenced (even in different spatial reference systems) and you view them in ArcGIS Desktop, the software should reproject either or both images into the spatial reference system of the MAP, and they should automatically line up.

Presuming you loaded them into the map and they did not align, something must be missing.  If you have georeferencing information (metadata) for the images but that is not in a digital format ArcGIS understands, you'll have to edit that metadata.  If either or both images has no georeferencing, you can use the georeferencing tools to align one to the other.  

Please tell us in greater detail what data you have, what happens when you view it in ArcGIS Desktop, and what you have tried (specifically which tools or functions).  Also let us know which version of the software you are using.


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In case you have both Rasters georeferenced (but in different coordinate system), you can use Project Raster—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop , as suggested by CBenkelman-esristaff‌.

And snapshots of the spatial extent of the rasters (Layer Properties > Source tab) would be helpful, in case you are not sure of the appropriate coordinate system.