Using NDVI along with regular RGB and NIR bands for image classification

04-10-2019 09:01 PM
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Is it plausible to use NDVI along with other regular bands for image classification related data processing? Recently, I came across a comment that RED and NIR band might interfere with NDVI or vice versa during the processing. I am working on a project where I want to classify healthy and stressed crop patches using satellite imagery, and I am using all four bands (RGB and NIR) along with NDVI to train the model and classify the satellite images. For the classification, I am using the Forest-based Classification and Regression tool.

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You might want to move this question to Imagery and Remote Sensing‌ where it might garner some attention

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Thanks, Dan. Perhaps I was looking for some Remote sensing and Imagery related platform to ask this question. 

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Hello Mr. Raza,

You can use NDVI, or some variant such as SAVI (see the many choices in the Band Arithmetic function), as the second input image in the train and classify tools. There may be some correlation with the multispectral image bands, but this is less of a concern if you use the non-parametric machine learning classifiers such as Random Trees or Support Vector Machine.



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