Powerline Classification of Lidar Data Using Deep learning

11-16-2023 06:56 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to obtain heights of powerlines using LiDAR and to use the deep learning or any other process to classify powerlines. I have created a DSM and a DEM and I have subtracted the DEM from the DSM to obtain the DHM. The probelm is that my DHM is for the entire features (buildings, trees, powerlines, etc) and it also has no attribute table. I am only trying to exploit lidar data now and I do not have indepth exprience with working with Lidar data (meanwhile I have zero experience with deep learning and powerline extraction). 

Please, how do I obtain the raster values for the DHM that I have? I wan to have a DHM for only powerlines if possible.

How do I generate a powerline corridor (boundary extent) to use in the deep learning process?

What geoprocessing tool(s) should I deploy for to obtain the powerline corridor/boundary extent, before i start the deep learning process for extracting powerlines?


Any help will be deeply appreciated!

Thank you.

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Would be willing to video chat about it. noel@soucybiologique.com
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