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Classification Wizard Error (Create Accuracy Assessment Points)

01-24-2021 07:28 PM
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Hey everyone,

I am encountering an error on the "Create Accuracy Assessment Points" section of Pro 2.7's Image Classification Wizard. It's Error 001791: Classified raster must have 1 band and no more than 16 bpp (Image: AccuracyAssessmentError)

I have no clue why it's happening, because upon looking at my classified raster's (WC412_17_5_10_Classified) properties, it says that it's 1 band and 8bit unsigned (Image: ClassifiedRaster_Properties). Maybe I'm missing something??

I have alternatively used the "Create Accuracy Assessment Points" and "Compute Confusion Matrix" tools, which this section of the Image Classification Wizard is attempting to do, and I've been able to run them. However, here I also run into an issue. I create assessment points for my classified raster and it runs with no issue (Image: AssessmentPoint_Attributes). But when I use those points to create a matrix, it says Error 001790: Not all points have valid class values (Image: ConfusionMatrixIssue). Every row and column in the matrix is '0'. 

Has anyone else run into these issues and know how to circumvent/fix them? Please let me know if more clarification is required for you to answer!

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Hello, I got the same issue, did you find a solution? Thanks

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I am also getting this error message, did you solve this problem?

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Was this ever solved? I am facing the same issue right now!

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