Adding functions to Rasters in model builder

10-15-2012 12:50 PM
Status: Open
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I suggest to add the ability to apply raster functions to a raster in ModelBuilder. The tool could just have the ability to apply a function chain to a raster.   An example would be to apply NDVI to NAIP imagery, then a Remap of the NDVI and export it to extract vegetation.     You can do this in ArcMap with the Spatial Analyst toolbox by multiple tools, but I think the process would work much faster as functions applied to a raster.  
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I'm looking to do the same exact thing. I have a bunch of big NAIP DOQQ files that I want to use the Band Arithmetic function on (to get NDVI as a 1 to -1 value). I want to do it iteratively in model builder but can't find a way to drop a raster function into model builder like you can do with any of the tools in toolbox.


Would be very helpful indeed. Still waiting for this improvement. I need multidirectional hillshade function employed in a modelbuilder chain and its impossible for now.