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The geonet content retention logic seems flawed. (cutting off as of a certain date and less than 100 views)

The (value of a post) is not the number of times it is viewed or age.

The (value of a post) is the value to the individual searching for it.

Behind the curtain of enterprise GIS their may only be a handful of people tasked with solving very specific complex issues.

Maybe 5,000 users viewed how to change the font size of a label.

Maybe 50 users had to figure out how to get out of tight spot with a broken enterprise GIS.

Having to e-mail geonet staff to (internally google) content does not seem very efficient as it adds time to finding solutions.

Perhaps bringing all the "old" geonet content forward into the new "geonet" as-is will bring greater value to the entire geonet community.


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