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Is allowing all users sharing contents with the public a bad idea?

11-15-2016 08:15 PM
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My apology if we are not supposed to post a question in >1 community.  I have posted this question to the "ArcGIS Online" community, and was advised to consult with this community.  

I work in a small college that has an ArcGIS Online organizational account.  I tried to promote the practice that contents created for a course shared with a private group created for that course, and contents to be shared with the organization and public go through some quality assurance/metadata/institutional process before they go organizational/public.  This requires the students, instructors and support staff of the course to be members of our AGOL account and to sign in to access the contents.


A couple colleagues commented that the need to become a member of our AGOL and to sign in to access contents creates a barrier for students to use AGOL and lock down AGOL.  They'd like to allow all users able to share their contents with the public.  This way students don't need to sign in to access maps and apps created by instructors/support staff (likewise, instructors don't need to sign in to see contents created by their students).  And as long as we make it clear in the item description that the content is created for a course it should not bother the organization/public.  


I'd appreciate your thoughts, comments or experiences in your institutions on this matter.  


Thank you very much.

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