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ArcGIS Pro Tutorial Textbook

08-17-2023 01:07 PM
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Just wondering if anyone could recommend an ArcGIS Pro Tutorial textbook for someone with intermediate level of understanding.  I am looking to keep my skills in ArcGIS Pro up to date after I graduate from my GIS program. 

Any other advice or suggestions is appreciated.


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Justin - there are a number of ArcGIS Pro texts that are available through Esri Press - one of the latest ones that would be good to check out for a wide-range of 'skills' would be the new Top 20: 

Also - if I were you - I would just leverage the Esri Academy and Learn resources - that way you can dive into specific topics that you are interested in - and there is a wide-array of material in those sites to check out.

ArcGIS Learn Gallery:

Esri Academy:

Also - as you plan on moving on from your program - the ArcGIS Personal Use license includes ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, all of the configurable web applications, etc. It's a great way to build your digitial portfolio and keep your skills up (and it's really affordable):




Brian Baldwin, Esri Inc., Lead Solution Engineer
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This is extremely helpful and informative.  The pricing for a ArcGIS Personal use license is very reasonable.  Thank you. 

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