Get Paid to Look For Big Foot!

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Get Paid to Look For Big Foot!


CAC AmeriCorps

Position Description


GIS and Data Management Technician AmeriCorps Member



Partner:                               National Park Service


Location of Service:        Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Twin Creeks Research Lab Access

Gatlinburg, TN, 37738


Supervisor:                         Thomas Colson, GIS Specialist and Kendra Straub, Data Manager


About CAC AmeriCorps:

Established in 1994, CAC AmeriCorps is a national service program that combines elements of traditional conservation practice with community action that informs our work and places it in the broader context of the region. CAC AmeriCorps members serve to improve public lands, streams and  greenways, educate the public, meet immediate human needs, eliminate barriers to employment, contribute to healthier lifestyles, and build volunteer capacity to enhance the ability of our partners to get things done. We are committed to human and environmental justice in our communities through enduring  acts of service.


Position Summary:

The AmeriCorps recruit will serve 40 hours per week on a Monday through Thursday schedule (10 hour days). The AmeriCorps members will have their housing paid for by the park if they choose to live in park housing. The park cannot pay for housing if the AmeriCorps members choose to live outside of the park. Living in park housing is not a requirement and your decision on housing will not be used in our evaluation.


Office duties will be evenly split between spatial and non-spatial data research, development, presentation, and evaluation. The member will also assist park staff in integrating planning and maintenance of GIS and non-spatial data in other aspects of park operations, particularly law enforcement, public safety, wildlife and fisheries management, fire effects, hydrology, and forestry. This includes collection, development and deployment of data which supports visitor services such as campground facilities, Emergency Action Plans (EAP), trail maintenance, emergency spill response, real- time wildlife tracking, Search and Rescue (SAR), Cultural Resource Preservation, Environmental Impact Statements, and transportation planning.



The primary functions of this position are to develop and deploy GIS and non-spatial data in support of park needs, as well as collect, develop, and deploy GPS data associated with thelocation of park critical assets such as bears, feral hogs, elk, trail and road improvements, discovery of new hydrologic resources. The member will mine important data from various products for integration into NPSpecies, the park service’s system for management oftaxonomic, observation and voucher data. The member will also train planners and designers in use of, and integration of, data with other planning systems and software, provide Tier-1 technical support to Resource Management and Emergency Operations. The member can serve as members of the Search and Rescue Team (this is optional, it is not a requirement of this position) and participate in planned, prescribed burns in the park after the required training and physical fitness tests (this is optional, it is not a requirement of this position). The term of service is laid out as follows, during the fall the member will go through initial training will include use of NPS GIS software, database systems and GPS hardware. During the winter, the member will participate in various projects to support park operations including database development, web application development, and technical writing. During the spring, the member will integrate GIS data into web-based mapping applications, perform data mining and analysis of non-GIS data, improve documentation of common data management and GIS workflows, train staff on proper use of data systems, and develop a story map to help convey important resource management stories to the public.

Field duties: Each AmeriCorps member will be required to work for 2 days per month with our trail crew. They will work alongside NPS crews and/or volunteers to perform all aspects of trail maintenance and construction. Examples of the work performed include: maintaining and improving drainage structures, removing roots and rocks from trail tread, clearing brush and fallen trees from the trail corridor, and occasionally assisting with projects like bridge or retaining wall construction. They will use tools such as shovels, picks, axes, pulaskis, loppers, sledgehammers, rock bars, hand saws, chainsaws, and other trade tools when performing trail maintenance and construction duties. They will maintain the tools and equipment used in safe operating condition. They will ensure work is performed safely and within prescribed NPS standards.


Minimum Qualifications:




-Experience and training with Word, Access Databases, ArcGIS


-Education or experience in any of the following:

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Civil Engineering
  • Planning
  • Spatial Information Systems
  • Surveying
  • Statistical analysis

Skills and Knowledge:

-This position requires the ability to work safely and learn to use the hand tools and power tools associated with trail maintenance and construction. Must be able to work effectively in a crew

setting and possess written and verbal communication skills to ensure assignments are carried out as directed.

Position Requirements:



  • Paid or unpaid experience with GIS and/or GPS and/or Databases
  • Paid or unpaid experience in the natural resource or environmental field
  • Strong interest in environmental natural resource conservation and civil planning or engineering
  • Must be able to work as a member of a diverse and complex team
  • Able to work independently and take leadership on goal accomplishment
  • Must have own transportation & a valid driving license (*no moving violations allowed)
  • Capable of working with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Solid organizational and leadership skills
  • Commitment to honesty, excellence and professionalism
  • Comfortable making presentations to large groups (5 to 20+ people)
  • Able to grasp complex data relationships
  • Ability to quickly assimilate new technology
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Well-above-average computer skills
  • Strong attention to detail and
  • The trail crew portion of this position requires a high level of fitness: ability to hike 8+ miles per day, ability to carry up to 50
  • The trail crew portion of this position will be performed outside in all kinds of weather conditions, and involve the possibility of bruises, muscle strains, cuts and scrapes, and other injuries. Work requires the employee to follow proper safety procedures and use standard safety equipment to avoid serious


Optional Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


  • Ability to stand for long periods of time while performing surveying operations
  • Ability to hike long distances in adverse weather
  • State or higher-recognized emergency medical training such as EMT, Medic, WFR
  • State or higher-recognized emergency response training such as “Red Card”, FEMA, Aviation
  • Ability to safely navigate very steep and rocky terrain, verifiable climbing experience Service Conditions:
  • AmeriCorps member will work outdoors in a mountainous and ever-changing environment, as well as indoors in a climate-controlled environment. Outdoor work and exposure to all weather conditions (sun, rain, heat, cold, etc.) will be an optional, but encouraged, part of the position. Occasional evening/weekend hours may be


Physical Demands:

  • Sitting; standing; walking; lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying (up to 40 lbs.); kneeling; stooping; bending; squatting; close vision; use of hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools or controls; exposure to various colognes/perfumes, fumes from printing cartridges and dust from stored supplies, wrist/arm discomfort due to prolonged use of office computer equipment;



Member Benefits Include:


  • A modest living allowance of $14,000, or, $595.74 bi-weekly (pre-tax), paid over 47
  • Education Award of $6,095 that can be applied to student loans and/or future education
  • Health insurance is available for members who are not already covered independently or by a
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Child Care Reimbursement
  • May be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). In-house SNAP benefits specialist available to provide assistance in determining
  • May be eligible for utility bill assistance. In house specialists available to provide assistance with determining
  • Staff assistance with identifying housing. Housing, inclusive of utilities, is generally between $300-$450 in a share house/apartment
  • Professional development and networking
  • Housing provided


Equity and Inclusion:


The Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will take action to ensure that employees are treated equally without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, handicap, cultural or religious convictions. CAC AmeriCorps provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees. Applicants with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation at any point in the employment process.





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