Where's the Best Place to Live to Avoid Natural Disasters?

09-05-2017 07:34 AM
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Awesome article, Robert! But, what I want to know is, where is my altogether-conglomeration-map that puts all US disasters on top of each other?!? I might have to do a little analysis myself to come up with an arbitrary value! Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah, it lacks that kind of map but just remember it was up to 2013. So, anything from 2013 to now needs some updating..Maybe go to their FEMA website and see if they made any changes..

And I am sure everyone is curious about which area fall prey to Natural Disaster . Just like the Hurricane Harvey did.

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Look here:

Is your County at Risk? 

This is 2015 data

Their data is here CrisisMappingFinal3 (MapServer) 

Not sure how they got the rankings though. 

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That one is really good. It puts everything in one place...

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Rickey, this is awesome! What fun data! I'm glad UMN put this together. Thanks!

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