My first attempt at a story map - using Flickr

08-04-2014 04:04 PM
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I love using Flickr for hosting, storing, and sharing the photos that I take of my family.  I also like how you can geotag your photos in Flickr as well.  For a while, I really wanted to do more with this ability to geotag, such as add my photos to an Esri Story Map.  However, it seemed that this ability did not exist just yet.

I recall reading an Esri blog post from Bern Szukalski about possibly using the features found in to try and link your Flickr photos to an ArcGIS Online map (link here) that really confused me.  After about a year later, a new blog post came out (that turned into an ArcWatch Article) that demonstrated how to easily use geotagged photos from Flickr and put them in a story map (link here).

So, without much modifications, here is my first Story Map!

Trip to San Diego - July 2014

This is my first story map, so I am still tinkering around with it some!

I am not sure if that link will work, so here is the url:

Please let me know what you think! 


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