Mostly Mapping Map of the Week - Colonial Pipeline Gas Buddy Station Outages

05-17-2021 12:51 PM
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According to a CNET online article, the FBI on Monday last week identified a hacking group for a cyberattack that took down the main pipeline carrying gas along the East Coast of the U.S. A group called Darkside, who reportedly develops ransomware and sells it to others, was identified as the responsible party.

This week's map is by @AnnetteGinocchetti and shows gas availability across Colonial Pipeline's reach. It uses FEMA's Gas Buddy Retail Gas Station Crowdsourced Outages (Public) to show current gas availability status using clusters with predominance for availability.


The app was built using Web AppBuilder and is discoverable, along with other Colonial Pipeline maps and apps, on ArcGIS Online.

See Map in a minute: Map pipelines using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Living Atlas to make your own.

View the app or the app item details on ArcGIS Online.

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