Table 1 has a pair of x/y coordinates

10-09-2014 02:41 PM
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I'm fairly new to this.  So please bare with me!

Table 1 has a pair of x/y coordinates.  For example:  id1 has an x/y for Atlanta, GA (a) and an x/y for Charlotte NC (b).  There are thousands of these pairs, which each pair being unique.

  1. I need to put this on a map and have the mapping program display the shortest driving route from (a) to (b).
  2. I then need to bring in another table that has a single x/y coordinate and put that on a map (c)  (no problem here)
  3. Then I need to analyze this to return the result of which point from table two, (c), is closest to which pair of points show in table 1.

Could anyone provides the steps and tools necessary to accomplish this?

Thank you

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