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Splitting Route into Point at Intervals of M

05-08-2017 11:14 PM
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Is there a way to split a route into points at a set interval of M?

I need to generate a series of points alone a route at a defined interval - I can do this with a distance interval, but I'd like to be able to use our Measure data to determine where the points are located

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Adding route events assumes you have a point file as events.  This tool adds the points to your route as events.

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I am assuming that you do not have access to geo-wizards or other custom tools....  One old fashion way was to semi-manually create the points from event mapping against the LRS (Routes).

Below pictured is a modern guide on how to use an excel spreadsheet to calculate the interval and "Events" needed to map the points.  It should be fairly self explanatory.

Points along a Route at a defined Interval