Question about which classes/functions/modules to use for a particular task

06-27-2011 07:38 AM
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Hello All,

I would like to write a Python script that selects attributes from a feature class based on a SQL statement (i.e. SELECT*FROM tl_2010_47007_edges WHERE "MTFCC" = 'H3010') and then exports those selected rows to a new feature class. Could someone provide some guidance on the classes and/or modules that I would need to do this? I'm reading through the resource center documentation so I may figure it out on my own, but some advice would be great. Thanks,

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Note in the Python examples, you shouldn't have to put those weird "/"s in the SQL statements. Wish ESRI would clean up their code examples in the documentation...

Your expression could be written as: "MTFCC = 'H3010'"
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