Measuring Distance using FSA

02-13-2014 05:45 AM
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I'm very new to ArcGIS so please forgive me if this question is overly simple (or, conversely, impossible). I have a large number of records in an Excel file that include record number, one FSA (the first three digits of a Canadian postal code) and a second FSA. Using the FSA Boundary file - available at I have been able to Join the data in the excel table to the features in the Boundary file for one of the FSAs, but not both.

What I'd really like to be able to do is measure the distance between the features for each record, and have then appear them in the table? I.E. the table would have record number, FSA 1, FSA 2, distance between. The suite I am using has the spatial analysis and proximity analysis toolsets, but I don't know how to Join all the records together properly.
I posted this same question in Spatial Analysis earlier but realize it may have been in the wrong category.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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If you have these working one at a time, the best method to combine your results would probably be to

1. Copy your Excel table to another format, say fgdb
2. Use the Join Field tool to copy the distance field over from your two results tables
3. Use Add Field and Calculate Field to compute your difference field.

You could also take the step 2 results and export back to Excel and do the difference calculation there.
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