Locating a substring in Field Calculator

11-29-2019 04:14 PM
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I have what should be a fairly straightforward operation failing in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, and cannot for the life of me work out why. 

If the field "assettype" contains a portion of the search string, then set the value of assettype_groupup to the value I return. 

Eg, if "assetttype" contains the string "Building |Residential |Large ", and I test whether it contains the term "Residential", and that evaluates to true, then return the string "Residential". 

Currently the code does not seem to be returning any result / has no effect, and appears to run too quickly (2-3 seconds for 3,000,000 lines).

If I try a ternary statement, which means using a single term at a time, it seems to work just fine. 

Can you see any obvious issues with the setup below


# Code block
def func(input😞
    if 'Residential' in input:
        return 'Residential'
    elif 'Industrial/Utilities' in input:
        return 'Industrial/Utilities'
    elif 'Transport/Infrastructure' in input:
        return 'Transport/Infrastructure'
    elif 'Conservation/National Park' in input:
        return 'Conservation/National Park'
    elif 'Recreational/Open Space' in input:
        return 'Recreational/Open Space'
    elif 'Mixed Use' in input:
        return 'Mixed Use'
    elif 'Community Use' in input:
        return 'Community Use'
    elif 'Rural/Primary Production' in input:
        return 'Rural/Primary Production'
    elif 'Special Use' in input:
        return 'Special Use'
    elif 'Unknown' in input:
        return 'Unknown'

Looks like:

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What is in the tables?  (a couple of rows as an example)

If you are using the 'in' operator, then it would suggest that "Residential" may only be part of a potential value, otherwise you could just use the equality check.

I am sure you have ruled out text case as a culprit. And that the output field is indeed text.

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As it turns out, my issue was mostly likely related to using a reserved word. 

Answer here: python - Locating a substring in Field Calculator using ArcGIS Pro - Stack Overflow 

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Python has no substring methods like substring() or substr(). Instead, you can use slice syntax to get parts of existing strings. Python slicing is a computationally fast way to methodically access parts of your data. The colons (:) in subscript notation make slice notation - which has the arguments, start, stop and step . It follows this template:

Parameters are enclosed in the square brackets.
Parameters are separated by colon.

string[start: end: step]

  • start - Starting index of string, Default is 0.
  • end - End index of string which is not inclusive .
  • step - An integer number specifying the step of the slicing. Default is 1.


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