How to maintain distance? SDE Features Class WGS84. Create buffers in model, how?

05-31-2013 05:10 AM
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in order to utilize the ESRI basemaps in our Server site we have moved our point and polygon (buffers of points) SDE feature classes over to WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere from NAD 83 Albers

The problem we are running into is how to adjust our model (this model takes xy data and plots it as well as geocodes address data then puts buffers around the points and appends to SDE feature class. Our site then utilizes map services which include both point and buffer SDE features) so that we maintain the proper distances of our radius rings. I understand that the Mercator projection is not useful for the buffer process which is why our radii are not measuring correctly when checked with google earth or another map software. They draw as circles but do not maintain distance meaurements. Our points are across the continental US. The xy data is in NAD83.

The general workflow is as follows. Plot xy NAD83 > project to WGS 84 >append to SDE. ::: Take the plotted xy data output > run buffer tool (distances in meters) > project buffer outputs to WGS84 > append buffers to SDE.

However, the output from this workflow is still not showing the proper distances. They are drawing as circles, but the distance is not maintained.

Does anyone have insight into what steps we are missing? Should we be using different transformations or distances in our buffer tools? Seems pretty straight forward but we are running out of ideas. :::In Summary::: Need to utilize ESRI basemaps but also need to display radius rings derived from NAD83 data in the case of xy table and WGS84 data when using the geocoding tool. How can we properly buffer these outputs and append back to our SDE Feature Class??!
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