How to convert contours to DEM?

04-09-2014 01:16 PM
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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help with ways of converting contours to DEM. I have tried the 'TOPO TO RASTER TOOL' on Arcgis and there was an error that says"The background server experienced a problem". what could be the cause OR is there any other tool besides the topo to raster that i can use on arcgis 10.1???

Your help will be much appreciated.
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I have never come across this error. However I can maybe offer a few troubleshooting ideas?

1) Check your projections of the contour dataset
2) Try changing the output location of the DEM you want to create (also check your input or output dataset doesn't start with a number i.e. 5m Contours or 5mGRID)
3) Check the geometry of the contour dataset
4) Check the cell size of the DEM you are wanting to create (too small sometimes creates issues)
5) If you 3D analyst, create a TIN and then use the TIN to Raster Conversion

For me I find the projection, output location and naming of the data creates the most issues.
If I come across anything else I will let you know!

Good luck!

PS - I googled the error and found this: which links to this:
It may or may not be relevant
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