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ESRI UC 2012: Arc Hydro Model: How to Improve Methodology

07-11-2012 04:24 PM
Regular Contributor
I'm using the following steps to identify possible structures required along a new Railway Alignment using ArcHydro and GIS ModelBuilder:

1: Convert CAD Pre Alignment polyline into a feature class Polyline
2: Convert the feature class polyline into a raster grid using my ArcHydro FAC grid as my snap grid and setting the cell size to be the same
3: convert my raster alignment grid into a point feature class
4: Using interpolate to shape under 3D Analyst extract the FAC values for each point location
5: Filter out the points by removing points that have a FAC value of 52 and less.

I'm looking to further filter the points by removing points that are along the same flow path against the rail alignment but not necessarily the lowest point along the flow path. Any suggestions are welcome.

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