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Cut parts of lines within polygons

07-05-2015 03:55 AM
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I have a streets shapefile and a polygons shapefile which overlap. I want to cut only that part of the streets which overlaps with a polygon. Using select by location removes the entire street even if only part of the street is overlapping and clip gives just the overlapping part. If 1/3 of a street is overlapping with a polygon then I want to just remove that 1/3 and have the remaining 2/3 of the street. Looks simple but can't think of any way to do this.

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If you have ArcGIS Desktop Advanced license, you could run Erase(Analysis)​ tool

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In addition to the explanation provided by Jayanta Poddar , if you don't have access to an Advanced license, you could use the intersect tool.

However, to use intersect you would need the inverted area of the polygons that you have. You could use a rectangle of your study area (a polygon that comprises all streets), do a union with the "cut" polygons, select those areas that have an cut polygon ID after union of -1, and use those polygons to do in intersect with the streets. After the intersect only those parts of the streets that are not within the cut polygons will be left.